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Many dancers make the same mistakes, which can lead to injuries. In this blog post, we will discuss six common dance mistakes and how beginners can avoid them. Stay safe while dancing by following these tips!


If you’re looking for a dance studio that will help your child develop their talent, Fancy Feet is the perfect place. Our studios are dedicated to providing children and adults with a positive, creative environment where they can learn and express themselves. We offer classes in jazz dance, tap dance and ballet, among others. Have any questions? Contact us today to learn more!

When it comes to preparing your kid for success in our dance classes, consider these four factors!


At Fancy Feet, we believe that children learn best in a positive and creative environment. That’s why we offer dance classes for kids of all ages in the Bronx! Our programs are designed to help children express themselves artistically, while also promoting physical fitness and discipline. Read on for four great types of dances for kids, and contact us online to learn more!


Every parent knows the struggle of keeping their child entertained throughout those long summer months when they’re not in school. It doesn’t need to be that hard, though. There are many ways to keep your child having fun whilst learning, even if you’re hard at work during the day.


Summer dance camps can be the best place to send your little ones because there are so many benefits. If you’re looking for somewhere to send your child over the hot summer months to keep them entertained, Fancy Feet Dance Studio in Bronx, New York, has 41 years of experience and can’t wait to help your little ones move those toes.


Welcome to another edition of the Fancy Feet Dance Studio blog! In today’s entry, we’ll be talking about what kinds of items your child should bring to one of our dance classes, including clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Being prepared is one of the keys to a successful dance class. For the child taking the class, learning how to prepare for the day’s lesson can be a great way to instill responsibility in a young person’s mind. For the parents, making sure their child is prepared is a good way to avoid extra trips back to the house to grab those missing items!

For parents new...


Dancing isn’t just fun for kids, it can benefit them in a number of positive ways; from developing social skills to encouraging physical fitness, you can establish lifelong lessons for your child that they will carry with them for the rest of their life. When you enroll your child in dance classes at Fancy Feet Dance Studio, our trained instructors will make sure they get only the best out of each and every one of our participants.

One of the reasons sports programs are so important to schools is that coaches and teachers recognize...


Gymnastics can be a rigorous and demanding sport, especially for kids who are just being introduced to it. Although child-based floor gymnastics techniques don’t involve the kind of twisting and turning you see in the more competitive side of the sport (such as vaulting), young people still need to be careful in order to avoid injury.

The gymnastics class at Fancy Feet Dance Studio is for students age 3 years old to high school age and placed in classes appropriate for their age and skill...


Contemporary dance is a type of expressive dance that can include a variety of genres, such as jazz, ballet, and modern dance. This form of dance emerged in the mid-1990s and quickly gained popularity.

While some people thrive in dance classes that revolve around order and discipline (like tap dance or ballet), others prefer dance classes that are less structured and feature fluid dance movements, like contemporary dance. Contemporary dance is ideal for people who like choreographed dances and like to improvise their body movements, as it encourages students to move and flow...


Are you tired of the same old workout at the gym? Want to kick the treadmill to the curb and try something more exciting? We’ve got two words for you: tap dancing.

Tap dance is a great way to get in shape. Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by the percussive sounds of tap dance shoes. As a tap dancer’s shoe strikes the floor, an audible “tap” can be heard from both the heel and the toe. There are many different styles of tap dance out there, such as flamenco, rhythm and jazz, classical, and even Broadway tap.

Let’s take a look at some of the fitness benefits of...