Why Choose A Summer Dance Camp?

Summer dance camps can be the best place to send your little ones because there are so many benefits. If you’re looking for somewhere to send your child over the hot summer months to keep them entertained, Fancy Feet Dance Studio in Bronx, New York, has 41 years of experience and can’t wait to help your little ones move those toes.

Dance Is The Most Fun Exercise!

Learning to dance in a wide range of different styles can be so much fun and can improve a child’s aerobic and coordination skills along with improving their overall health and fitness. Dance camps not only get them moving, but also improve balance, stamina, physical strength, and so much more too.

Dancing Is Entertaining

It can be easy for children to lose motivation in the summer months as their lack of routine leaves them bored and unstimulated. Dance camp makes sure they have an active, healthy routine even during the months they don’t have school. They’ll be learning new skills and improving the way they process information every day.

Dance Is About Expression

Learning to dance is learning how to express yourself through movement — something that we can all benefit from. Your little ones will not only be learning how to complete the routines they’re being taught but will be able to show some of their own creativity with their new moves, whether at camp or later at home.

Your Little Ones Will Make Friends

At a young age, it’s important to make a variety of different friendships from different backgrounds. At a dance camp, your child will be surrounded by other children they can socialize with and build those all-important connections. At summer camp, they may even make friends for life!

If all of these benefits don’t draw you in, we don’t know what will. Fancy Feet Dance Studio offers a range of different genres to move to, while creating memories and making friends in a caring, family environment. Reach out to us today to discuss your child’s summer plans.