"Outstanding Teachers At Fancy Feet."

My daughter has been at Fancy Feet since the age of 4 she is now 13 so I can say Fancy Feet is definitely a second home for her. I have seen tremendous growth in her as a dancer. I am very proud to say she has also been accepted to two of the top performing arts high schools in NYC. This success would not have been possible without the guidance and instruction of the outstanding teachers at Fancy Feet.

Christina Danzi

Highest Quality Entertainment.

Getting ready for my daughters’ 12th and 10th dance recitals with Fancy Feet! Can’t wait to be a part of it all. Fancy Feet is the only studio in the Bronx that puts on 7 full scale recital productions in 2 weekends. Each show is the highest quality entertainment. The best part is in the past 12 years my children have been dancing there ticket prices have only been raised $1.

Amy Ann

"The Best Decision."

My daughter has been in Fancy Feet Dance Studios since the age of 4 year, now she is 10 years old and this year is part of the Company, This is the best experience for her, The school, the teachers, the environment in Fancy Feet is wonderful. For me it’s the best decision I ever took!

Belgica Vazquez

"Excellent Beyond Words."

After almost 12 years at fancy feet, it is truly heartbreaking that in 2 months my daughter will be dancing for the last time at her recitals for Fancy Feet. Everything may not have been perfect all the time and sometimes frustrating, but nothing in life is perfect and it was sooooo worth it. No regrets.My daughter not only made wonderful friends, she, no we, gained a great family. She has sweated and worked so hard in class and rehearsals to compete and place well and represent her dance school. We have traveled together with Fancy Feet and seen our children perform at places we have been invited to and we had a blast.

The staff and teachers are excellent beyond words. They truly care for our kids. They are committed to bring out the best in our children. It has been an HONOR to see our children grow up together.

Proud to be a part of FANCY FEET FIERCE FAMILY.

Lisette Alemany

"Looking Forward To This Years Recitals!!"

Fancy Feet is not just a dance studio, it’s a 2nd home for my daughter. She’s been with Fancy Feet since the age of 9 and she’s now 16. My daughter has grown tremendously as a dancer over the years at Fancy Feet..The dance instructors and staff at the studio are very friendly and professional. I’ve referred many of my family members and friends to Fancy Feet and they love it.. Looking forward to this years recitals!!

Meca Reid

"Truly Loves These Children."

My daughter loves her mommy and me classes. She is happy at this dance school and she looks forward to attending every week. Mrs. Karen, her teacher, is wonderful and she truly loves these children.

Tameka Arroy-Santiago

"My Daughter Loves This Place!"

My daughter Loves this place! She’s hoping to be in the Olympic’s some day.

A'marie Correa

"The Instructors Are Like Family."

My daughter loves being a company member. She’s made so many friends. The instructors are like family.

Jennifer Defelice


This is my son’s first year. I re-dedicated my commitment after seeing there first competition. Amazing.

Gloria Vasquez-Melendez

"We Love It Here."

Extremely professional, kind and educated! We love it here.

Katina Campos

"They All Love The Kids."

My daughter is in her 4th year at fancy feet. She had taken ballet, tap and hip hop jazz. She is now taking a contemporary dance class. The teachers are wonderful, Sherlie Tamika, Tanika and Kate. Cookie at the front is a charm and Susan the owner is great. They all love the kids. Help boost confidence in themselves and never belittle them. Love this place.

Melanie Graham-Watson

"The Best Dance School Ever."

In my opinion the best dance school ever. My daughter is dancing like a ballerina. The best instructors. I would recommend this to everyone to sign up their kids…

Jenny Thorpe

"My Child Loves To Be 24/7."

Fancy Feet is a place where my child loves to be 24/7…..!!!!

Saika Beltran

"My Daughter Enjoys It."

Love it. My daughter enjoys interacting with children her age and has fun doing it!

Veronica Rios

"Love It."

Love it my daughter Katherine looks forward to her dance classes.

Denise Millan


Couldn’t be any more satisfied with this dance studio! Ms. Karen, Ms. Cookie and Ms. Susan are amazing! They have earned my loyalty, my daughter will be staying in this dance studio for years to come. Congratulations to Robin (company dancer & Ms. Karens assistant) who did here thing in the Crosby show. You rocked!

Stephanie Soto

"I Love Fancy Feet."

I love Fancy Feet and so does my daughter!

Luisa Calix

"I Loved Everyday There."

I used to dance here when I was a kid and I loved everyday there…thanks to Karen for always teaching us “never say you can’t”. 🙂

Natalie Aquino

"The Best Experience For Me."

I think that Fancy Feet Dance Studio was the best experience for me.

Jasmin Gonzalez

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