One of the biggest differences that you’ll see when your children are enrolled in dance classes at Fancy Feet Dance Studio is the quality of instructors that we have. The director of our studio puts effort into the training that each instructor receives so that the same approach and formatting are the same. Below is a list of the instructors that your child will be working with, and a little about their background. We know that you’ll be happy with each of these individuals and your experience at Fancy Feet.

Angela D'Angelo Pic

Angela D’Angelo

Angela D’Angelo started with Fancy Feet Dance Studio at the age of four. When Angela was thirteen years old she became part of Fancy Feet’s Competition Team. She studied with various choreographers and has competed in many competitions.

Throughout the years Angela has celebrated the opportunities Fancy Feet Dance Studio has brought to herr, including her three performances in Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, Hershey Park, various nursing homes in the Bronx, Norwegian Cruise Line and many more. Angela loves being part of the Fancy Feet Family and cannot imagine her life without it!

Alyssa DelVecchio

Alyssa DelVecchio was born and raised in the Bronx, NY and has been a part of the Fancy Feet family for over twenty five years.  

Starting from when she was a toddler, Alyssa always had a passion for dance.  When she was nine she became a member of the Fancy Feet Dance Company.  While on the competition team she won numerous awards and had opportunities to travel with her team performing in places like Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Hershey Park and Norwegian Cruises.  Alyssa credits her passion and love of dance to her teachers at Fancy Feet as they always inspired her to become not only the best dancer, but the best person, she could be.  When given the opportunity to minor in dance at Iona College she leaped at the opportunity knowing it would allow her expand her knowledge of the art form and further deepen her passion.

In 2012 Alyssa was honored by the Bronx Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children with the teacher of the year award.

Alyssa strives to inspire each one of her students the way she was and still is inspired at Fancy Feet.  “I couldn’t imagine my life without Fancy Feet, and I want to make sure the children I teach feel the same way.  They amaze me with their progress and I love to see them having fun.”

Denica Durr

Denica Durr, a native of northeast Ohio began dancing at the age of 8. She is a classical trained dancer and has studied at CLEVELAND CITY DANCE, THE CLEVELAND SCHOOL OF BALLET and spent two summers working with PITTSBURGH BALLET THEATRE. Upon being accepted to THE AILEY SCHOOL, she has recieved a certificate of dance in their two year program and spent an additional year on scholarship where she had the pleasure of working with various choreographers throughout the company. Denica has appeared on “THE DREW CAREY SHOW” has performed at CITY CENTER and helped launch a modern dance company “GRITTY CHERRIES” where she was showcased at THE JOYCE SOHO THEATRE. Denica is extremely proud to be a teacher of the FANCY FEET DANCE COMPANY and equally blessed to be a part of the FANCY FEET family, where she can share her love and passion for the art of dance.

Amanda Durst Pic

Amanda Durst

Amanda Durst was born and raised in Erie, PA where she began dancing at the age of three. She trained in all styles of dance and was also a member of the Long’s Performing Arts Team LLC and traveled to Disney World twice to perform. Amanda also spent a year on faculty with Long’s School of the Dance, training under Long’s co-founder Marge Long.

In 2009, Amanda graduated from the Boston Conservatory with a BFA in Musical Theatre. While attending BoCo she had the privilege of studying with and attending master classes with many world renowned performing artists.  During her time in Boston, Amanda developed a dance program for a Watertown cheer leading academy, Full Out Cheer. Her Junior and Senior teams became National Champions and were invited to compete in Hawaii by the World Spirit Federation.

After graduating, Amanda moved to NYC!  She has performed regionally and toured nationally with multiple productions and companies such as; The Downtown Cabaret Theatre, Trumpet in the Land, Once Upon A Time Inc., American Family Theatre Co., and The Secret Theatre.  Amanda is also an Acting and Drama teacher that has worked with South Asian Youth Action, American Dance and Drama, and CloverPrep Academy to bring the performing arts to students across the Queens borough.  

Amanda is proud to be a member of the Fancy Feet faculty and family.

Abri Hellmuth Pic

Abri Hellmuth

Abri danced professional for more then 8 years with 6 years of teaching experience in the Big Apple NYC. He holds several degrees from the Association of International Dance Teaches (AIDT) as well as a degree of Industrial Psychology BA from the University of South Africa (UNISA). Abri is a huge supporter and fan of the organization Dancers LOVE Dogs by the wonderful once in a million Brigitte Reeve Taylor.

Abri has studied Jazz,Tap, Ballet, HipHop & Theatre with the famous choreographers and teachers of Broadway Dance Center NYC – Ginger Cox, Debbie Wilson, Sheila Barker, Ray Hesselink, Jared Grimes, Dorit Koppel, Q & Jim Cooney. Last but not the least Abri has studied with the legend Brigitte Reeve Taylor (AIDT Board) Contemporary, Modern & Horton where he also trained and did his Teacher Qualifications with Brigitte Reeve Taylor, Karen Rossouw, Daphne Boje, Marzanne Smith & Kerry Domoney Williams in SA. Abri has worked with Ray Hesselink choreographer for Billy Elliot. He has also worked with MTV star Kristy Morgan choreographing her wedding Flashmob in the heart of NYC – Times Square and danced for the Angelica Cats Rescue for the one and only Allen Degeneres. He also worked for the Korean Popstar Miae Kim.

Abri has taught dance and conditioning in NYC at Fancy Feet as well as Forest Hills Ballet Arts, Man in Motion, Wyckhoff School of Dance, In Motion NY, Bounce & Flip, Kuie Luck Enrichment Center, JKM Fitness, Third Street Music School, Miae’s Dance Center, Clay Fitness & Spa and more where he was on regular staff as well as doing spectacular master classes. In South Africa Abri has taught at Bfn Dance Center as well as choreographing the Stoffberg Revue Musicals in Johannesburg for the past three years flying down from NYC. He taught all ages from 18 months through adults and choreographing every year for their big recitals and company work.

Nicole Kadar Pic

Nicole Kadar

Nicole Kadar, graduated magna cum-laude with a B.S. in dance while also studying early childhood education and business at Skidmore College. Nicole has worked with choreographers Robert Battle, Camille A. Brown, Nicole Corea, Teresa Fellion, Ruben Graciani, Erica Pujic, and Jenny Rocha as well as directors Samantha Shay of Hopelandic Theatre Co. and Greg Taubman of Extant Arts Co. Nicole performs professionally as a freelance dancer and currently works with the Matthew Westerby Company. Nicole has taught at the National Museum of Dance’s School of the Arts, Saratoga High School, Saratoga City Ballet, and Waterbury Arts’ Magnet School. In addition toteaching at Fancy Feet she also teaches for the Junior Division Program at the Ailey School.

Treasure Anne Kosits Pic

Treasure Anne Kosits

Treasure Anne Kosits has been part of Fancy Feet Dance Studio for over twenty years. Treasure began dancing at the age of two with her very first class being creative movement taught by Miss Susan herself. Treasure gradually accelerated to taking classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, pointe, and gymnastics and many more. At the age of ten, as Treasure’s love for dance grew, she auditioned and became part of the Fancy Feet Dance Company. To this day, Treasure still remains part of the Elite Senior Company here at Fancy Feet.

Through the years, Treasure traveled with Fancy Feet to numerous competitions, winning countless awards for herself and her team. She has performed with Fancy Feet in Hershey Park, as well as Walt Disney World three times, on Norwegian Cruise Line – The Spirit, and of course in recitals for over two decades. Besides her award winning dance record, Treasure has been teaching at Fancy Feet for over eight years. With the inspiration of Miss Susan and Miss Karen, Treasure is pleased to be able to share her love of dance with her students, just as she has been taught.

In 2007, Treasure had the honor of being nominated “Dance Teacher of the Year” by the Bronx Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, for her teaching excellence. Treasure finds it rewarding and heart warming to see the smile on a child’s face and the sparkle in their eye when they grasp a step or routine.

Treasure is truly blessed to be part of the Fancy Feet Dance Studio’s past, present and future!

Danielle Lugo Pic

Danielle Lugo

Danielle Lugo has been a part of the Fancy Feet Family for over 25 years, with background skills in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-hop, and Gymnastics.

At the age of seven, she auditioned and become a part of the Fancy Feet Dance Company. Throughout the past 20 years, she has traveled Nationwide and won countless awards with the Fancy Feet Dance Company. Danielle had the opportunity to perform in Hershey Park, Walt Disney World in ’98, ’06 and ’08, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Lincoln Center.

She has also had the privilege of dancing and working with Hip-Hop Superstar Sean “P-Diddy” Combs, Pop-Star Christina Aguilera, Pop Group Danity Kane and Choreographer to the Stars and MTV’s Making the Band, Laurie Ann Gibson. Her dance skills did not stop there, Danielle then went on to be a finalist for the NBA”s Knicks City Dancers, Boston Celtics Dancers and NHL’s New Jersey Devils Dancers.

In 2010 she was recognized not only for her hard work, dedication and passion for dance, but for her love of teaching children in the Bronx Community. The Bronx Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children awarded Danielle with the Teacher of The Year award after 10 years of teaching at Fancy Feet Dance Studio.

She loves to share her skills and passion for dance with children of all ages and hopes to continue more amazing accomplishments in the future.

Carin Moscicki Pic

Carin Moscicki

Carin Moscicki is a modern dancer originally from Binghamton, New York. She began dancing at four years old and has studied ballet, tap, jazz, Irish, African and modern. She holds a BFA in dance and graduated with honors from the State University of New York at Brockport. Carin still dabbles in choreography, performs, and is currently dancing for Maria Colaco Dance Company.

Before moving to New York, Carin was an assistant director/ choreographer at World of Dance in North Carolina. She has recently begun to learn the art of rhythmic gymnastics, after teaching all styles of dance for over ten years. Carin loves teaching at Fancy Feet Dance Studio, and is excited to share her love of dance with all of her students.

Tamika Perkins Pic

Tamika Perkins

Tamika has been dancing since the age of 9. She immersed herself in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Gymnastics where she quickly progressed. Tamika auditioned for Fancy Feet Dance Company and from the minute she was in Company she began winning Gold and Platinum awards.

She has performed at WALT DISNEY WORLD, HERSHEY PARK and on NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE and has worked with amazing choreographers. Tamika believes that the foundations in dance are very important. She feels that the discipline that dance provides are life lessons that can be used in many areas of your life.

Tamika is happy to be part of the Fancy Feet Family and hopes to inspire young dancers.

Antonio Cangiano

Antonio Cangiano is a currently member of the Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company where he has been touring Nationally and internationally. During his journey in the United States Mr Cangiano has worked with Long Island Ballet Theatre, Dardo Galletto Dance, NS Danza and the Martha Graham 2 Company where he was featured in so many lead roles in Martha Graham’ s Master pieces. In 2014 Mr. Antonio made his first appearance in he Italian international Dance Festival dancing an Homage to Luigi, the pioneer of the first Jazz dance technique, by Dianna Folio. In 2016 he was selected to dance at the Martha Graham Dance Company 90th Anniversary Season in front of thousands of people at the New York City Center.

Before moving to the United States Mr. Cangiano was already a professional dancer, performing for so many productions such as “Flor” The Musical, “Sangue Vivo” among others. He was also one of the dancer that was touring around all Italy with the acclaimed argentine Pop-Star Lali Esposito.

In 2012 he joined the Acsi Ballet Dance Company where he was featuring so many key roles being an inspiration for the artistic director Dino Carano. In 2013 he danced at the Danse Encore Festival in Toronto, Canada where he won the Gold Medal. In 2016 he was a guest artist for Acsi Ballet at “Premio Positano”. Born in Naples, Italy, Antonio began his dance training, having been awarded scholarships. in the following dance academies: Officina delle Arti (Cesenatico), Ateneo Danza (Forlì) under the direction of Stefania Sansavini and Agorà Coaching Project (Reggio Emilia). He graduated in Naples under the tutelage of Dino Carano ( Director of Acsi Ballet Company) in ballet and modern dance. During his career Antonio has been awarded in so many dance competition with the first prize such as Gran Prix (Naples), Premio DOC (Naples), Premio Città di Riccione , Danza in Fiera (Florence), Expression (Florence) ,Premio Città di Sorrento, AJD (Villapiana), Danse Encore (Canada) , Danza Europa ( Ravenna). In 2017 he has beet awarded us “RISING STAR” in an Italian International Dance Festival in NYC.

In 2014 Mr. Cangiano was assigned the first prize by Antonio Fini at the AJD Alto Ionio Dance Festival where, Virginie Mecene, the director of the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, gave him a scholarship for the Graham Professional Training Program as well as a contract to join the Martha Graham 2 Company in New York City. Mr Antonio is also a member of the New Jersey City University (NJCU) for the musical theatre department and he is a guest teacher in so many schools in Italy for American modern dance.

Corey Wright

Corey Wright was born in Baltimore Maryland and grew up mainly training in gymnastics. Starting dance at the age of 16 he knew the only way to catch up was to train with the best so he moved to New York right after high school. He’s completed the professional semester at Broadway Dance Center and now has just finished his 2nd season with the contemporary dance company Victory Dance Project. With his gymnastics background he loves to infuse athletic movement in his dancing.

Jordan Lettera

Jordann Lettera started dancing at Fancy Feet at just three years old. At the age of ten, she auditioned for the Fancy Feet Dance Company. Being in Company, Jordann got to live out her dream of being a competitive dancer. She also had the privilege of Dancing in Walt Disney World at eleven years old and Lincoln Center at fourteen. Jordan is a National Dance Champion and an Elite soloist. She has studied Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Gymnastics.

Jordann later then went on to audition and study dance and musical theatre at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy ( AMDA) at the same time taking classes at Broadway Dance Center.

Jordan began teaching children four years ago and has taught  Zumba at Equinox fitness facilities for the past three years. Now, with that same passion for dance that she’s had since she was three, she is excited to bring her love for dance back to the studio that started it all!

Noah Gouldsmith 

Noah Gouldsmith is a native of Kansas City, MO and is currently based in New York City. His professional career has taken him all over the world dancing and teaching. Noah has been a featured dancer in production shows for Princess Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines, Spirit Productions/Dublin Worldwide Tours and Odyssey Dance Theatre. Noah originated the “Tybalt” track in Rasta Thomas’ Bad Boys of dance’s “Romeo and Juliet,” for which he also toured Europe. Noah danced in the 1st National Tour of “Flashdance The Musical” and also danced in Radio City’s “New York Spectacular” choreographed and directed by Mia Michaels. He recently performed on SNL with Jimmy Fallon and is currently playing Romeo in “Disney’s Newsies” at Fulton Theatre in Lancaster, PA Noah lives for art and prides himself on constantly continuing to learn and grow.

Candice Segarra

Candice Segarra graduated from Manhattanville College in 2014 with a B.A. in Dance and Theatre and a minor in Communications on a performing arts scholarship. She has studied and performed many styles of dance and performing arts since 3 years old including; ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, street jazz, musical theatre, modern, contemporary, salsa, acting for the stage & camera and more. Before college, she attended a performing arts magnet high school in Connecticut.

While in college, Candice studied and performed works by Peter Pucci, Marta Renzi, Ben Munisteri, Ann Marie Deangelo, and Andre Kisselev, as well as held roles in many department theatre productions. Candice was an active choreographer for the Dance department’s seasonal concerts and a Captain and choreographer for the college’s hip hop crew. She has danced on tour with Marta Renzi & Co. at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival and has performed in the Table of Silence 9/11 project, the xyz nyc series at The Tank, Dance Astoria, RAW Artists, Peridance Faculty Student Showcase, Amalgamate Dance Company’s 6th Guest Artist Showcase, Barton Booth, Why, Why, Always at Abrons Arts Center, Mark Morris Dance Center, Disney World, New York City Center and more. Candice has also trained and performed in Italy with Amalgamate Dance Company/DAMAGEDANCE’s BREAKOUT summer program. She currently dances with Double Up Dance Company: Team LEGGOO, and freelance dances with various entertainment companies, choreographers and in music videos for recording artists. Candice has been teaching a wide variety of dance styles to ages 2-18 for three years. She also freelances in social media marketing, email marketing and graphic design for dance studios, dance companies and artists. Outside of work, Candice maintains her creativity through her project-based collective of artists, Segarra Dance Theatre Projects, where they focus on bringing awareness of the arts to the people through a multitude of performing art forms. She loves working with the kids at Fancy Feet

Daniela Hernandez

Daniela is a ballet, tap, and gymnastics teacher at Fancy Feet Dance Studio. She is new to teaching at Fancy Feet, but is certainly not new to our family. Daniela grew up in Fancy Feet, taking classes since the age of three, starting with Creative Movement, just like many of our little dancers. Once becoming a teenager, Daniela began to take more responsibility at the studio by becoming a teacher’s assistant. She helped many teachers in the classrooms of ballet dancers, tap dancers, jazz dancers, hip hop dancers, and gymnasts. After completing her training, Daniela is now teacher at Fancy Feet. Daniela feels that the studio should not only a place for young boys and girls to work hard and have fun, but to also feel loved and adored by all who are here.

Ada Cacciatore

Ada Cacciatore is a dancer, performer and teacher from Italy. She began her professional dance training at National Academy of Dance  in Rome, where she received her B.A. She attended several summer intensives including, Random Dance Company, Phoenix Dance Theater and Nederlands Dans Theater at The Place in London and she was also selected to participate in Alonzo King Lines Ballet Summer Intensive. She continued her study at The Ailey school and completed her Independent Study Program. Ms. Cacciatore has performed works by many choreographers including Zarko Prebil,  Max Luna lll, Donald Byrd, Darshan Singh Bhuller, Amaury Lebrun, Lakay Worrell, Sidra Bell, Kevin A. Joseph, Nicola Iervasi, Kevin Albert and Stefanie Batten Bland. She worked as a choreographer/teacher at Asbcompany under the direction of Sônia Melo. In 2016 she joined  Amalgamate Dance Company as a Production/Company Intern, Universo  Católico as Assistant Casting Director.

She is a proud AGMA member, recently she joined the cast of Nativity: Birth of a King a production by Dance Ministry Institute at Gerald W. Lynch Theater

Ada is a new teacher at Fancy Feet and she loves to share her passion and knowledge with Fancy Feet family.

Victoria Manoli

Victoria Manoli is originally from Arcata, California. She began her creative journey as a competitive rhythmic gymnast at the age of 8 gaining skills in acro and equipment handling. The culmination of Victoria’s career as a gymnast was competing in the Junior Olympics. She then transitioned into competitive and concert dance by joining No Limits Dance Academy and Trillium Dance for the remainder of her high school career. Her inspiring years as a competitive dancer led her to pursue a career in dance at San Francisco State University. While living in San Francisco, she taught at several dance studios including Geary Dance Studio and Alonzo King Lines Dance Center. Victoria is currently pursuing a performance dance career full time in New York City.

Orit Hirsch

Orit Hirsch – Professional Tap dancer and dance teacher from Israel, studied in 2 of the biggest Tap schools in Israel under the guidance of Mandy Kol, Sharon Lavi and Zvia Brumer at Ra’anana Dance Center, and Yuval Beck at Yuval Beck Tap Studio.

Orit was a member of TEMPO group and performed in the show Time2Tap (24 dancers and live musicians at the Giv’atayim Theatre in Israel, Artistic Director: Yuval Beck) and participated in international tap festivals studying with teachers from the USA and Europe. She worked with big theaters in Israel (‘Cameri’ Theatre and ‘Habima’ Theatre) as a Tap coach for the productions of ‘Funny Girl’, ‘My Fair Lady’ and ‘Singing In The Rain’.

Orit has been teaching in Israel for the past 5 years and currently living and teaching in NYC (trained in Tap, Ballet and Contemporary Lyrical).

Joseph Akin

Joseph Akin, originally from Florida, has been working in NY for 6 years. He has danced for Moving current Dance Collective, kaleidoscope Dance Theatre, Dance Cat-alyst, and is currently performing with Abundance company. Before coming to NYC he toured nationally with multiple dance conventions, gaining affluence in the technical aspects of theatre and dance. In 2015 he began working with A Class Act NY where he choreographed both Urinetown the musical and Monty Python’s Spamalot, as well as being selected to direct Les Miserables.  

Kallie Leski

Kallie Leski first started dancing in Colorado Springs at her local studio when she was 12. One tap class turned into years of training and a life long passion and at 18 she moved to NYC to study dance at Marymount Manhattan College with a concentration in teaching techniques. Since graduating in 2016, Kallie has been teaching a variety of styles in the tristate area, choreographing and performing in NYC. She has worked with Jessica Hendrix, Al Blackstone, Bill T. Jones, Elena Comendador, Catherine Cabeen, MADBOOTS’ Austin Diaz and Jonathan Campbell, Sidra Bell, Alberto del Saz, Suzanne McHugh and BABEL’s Sarah Panayiotou to name a few. She is so excited to be teaching contemporary, musical theater, jazz and hiphop at Fancy Feet this year!

Hope Ruth

Hope is a ballet dancer, instructor and choreographer. Born in Taiwan, she studied with Chiou-O Chiang and completed summer intensives with Ballet West, Martha Graham School, and Royal Danish Ballet. She graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts with a Fine Arts degree in Dance and Dance Education. Upon graduation she performed with several dance companies internationally before moving to New York City. Since then she has performed with New York Theatre Ballet, Ballet des Amerique, Ballet Deviare, Upstate NY Ballet, and Lydia Johnson Dance Company among others. Currently she is a company member with Jersey City Ballet and Ballet for Young Audiences.

Hope is a highly dedicated ballet teacher with over ten years experience teaching classical ballet to children, teens and adults. She is certified in the following teaching methods: Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet (CPYB) Teachers Workshop 2017, American Ballet Theater National Training Curriculum Pre-Primary to Level III, Progressing Ballet Technique Teachers Certification and 200 Hours Teaching Certificate for YOGA ALLIANCE® RYT®. She is an enthusiastic teacher who currently teaches throughout the tri-state area and relishes the opportunity to introduce ballet to anyone who wants to learn more about it. Her other interests include gardening, traveling and volunteering at animal sanctuaries in Upstate New York.

Candace Jarvis

Candace Jarvis, originally from Ontario, is a professional dancer now based in New York City. She graduated as a Certificate Student from The Ailey School in 2015, and since has gone on to perform works by several well-known choreographers in venues all across the US.

Candace performed in Alvin Ailey’s Revelations Cast of 50 at New Jersey Performing Arts Center and took part in Robert Battle’s New Directions Choreographers Lab at The Ailey School. Additionally, she performed as a featured guest artist in Exit Like An Animal for KEIGWIN + COMPANY’s 2015 Joyce Season.

Candace has a range of experience with company work, being a former member of Awaken Dance Theater—directed by Rebekka Nodhturft and currently entering her third season with Nai Ni Chen Dance Company. Furthermore, Candace has performed work under the direction of choreographers such as Amy Hall, Tracy Inman, Carlos Dos Santos, Norbert De La Cruz III, and Emily Greenwell.

While growing her performance resume, Candace continues to train in New York City and spread her knowledge and love of the arts by instructing weekly dance classes at area studios and workshops.

Molly McGee

Molly McGee was raised in New Jersey where she began dancing at the age of four. Growing up she studied, jazz, hip-hop, ballet, tap, contemporary, and pointe at a competitive level. At seventeen she moved to New York City where she attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. At AMDA, Molly studied dance, acting, and singing and graduated with a degree in Dance Theatre. After graduating, Molly traveled and performed in AATMA Performing Arts, a Bollywood based dance company that put on the show “Mystic India: The World Tour.” She has also performed in a ballet version of the Indian Film, “Devdas” and has been casted in multiple concept music videos. Molly is now a proud of Fancy Feet where she gets to share her love for dancing and performing!

Jordan Farr

Jordan has been dancing for nineteen years, taking various styles of dance. While in high school, she participated in New Rochelle High School’s Performing and Visual Arts Education program and was the captain of the New Rochelle High School Dance Team.

Jordan recently graduated from Hofstra University, receiving a BA in Dance and Criminology. During college, she had been a dancer and a choreographer assistant in faculty dance performances working with Fritzlyn Hector, Rachel List, Caroline Copeland, and Catherine Murphy. While at Hofstra, Jordan had the opportunity to be a lighting director and design the lighting for one of the dance shows. She had also attended the National Dance Education Organization conference in San Diego, California and learned more techniques to further her teaching skills.

She is so excited to be joining the Fancy Feet community this year!

Zachary Denison

Zachary Leigh Denison–Originally from Northwest Arkansas moved to NYC in 2000 to study acting.  He has been fortunate to study at numerous programs, including The American Academy of Dramatic Art and The Actors Workshop under the late Mike Nichols and received scholarships to study at Stella Adler, TVI Actors Studio and Weist-Barron Studios.   He began his dance training working as an intern at the Broadway Dance Center and the Alvin Ailey School.  He was on scholarship as a member of the STEPS ensemble.  He toured professionally with Susan Stroman’s Broadway 1st national tour of “The Music Man,”  “Westside Story” and the 25th anniversary US/ South American tour of “CATS”   Other theater credits include: El Paso Opera, Virginia Musical Theater,  NY Fringe Festival, NY Musical Theater Festival, American Repertory Festival, The Public Theater, Cherry Lane Theater, Joes Pub, The Park Armory, Convergence Theater, Fire Island Dance Festival, and Broadway Cares.  He has studied under many incredible teachers like: Andy Blankenbuehler, Josh Bergasse, Susan Marshall, Tom Pearson (Third Rail Projects), David Dorfman, Sean Curran, Brice Mousset and Miguel Gutierrez.  He has dance for and been a member of many companies over the years such as: Lar Lubovitch, Larry Keigwin, Lorin Latarro,   Heidi Latsky, Malcom Low, Dontee Kiehn, Todd Coulter, Bradley Shelver, Jeff Shade, Brice Mousset, Mario Zambrano, Christopher Huggins, Omri Drumlevich, Regina Nejman, Michou Szabo, Kate Griffler, Celia -Rowlson Hall,Rick and Jeff Kuperman, Justin Peck, Jody Oberfelder, Renee Gerardo, Christopher Williams, Alexandra Beller, Sydney Erick Wright, Carson Reiners, A.O. Movement Collective, Tough Cookie Dance, Josh Bergasse, Brendan Drake, Sean Curran Company, LEVY Dance, Project44, Aaron McGloin Dance, Salvatore LaRussa Dance Theatre, Body Art Dance, Gibney Dance Company, Kinesis Project, Catapult Entertainment, Improv Everywhere, and the NY Metropolitan Opera.  He has done commercials for MTV and Dancing with the Stars and has danced for Jennifer Hudson.  He currently dances with Erick Montes/Danceable Projects, and MELD Movement.  The Alvin Ailey School, Rutgers University/ Mason Gross School of the Arts, NYU/ Tisch School of the Arts, and the Joffrey, as well as Mimar Sinan in Istanbul, Turkey and all over the NY tristate area.  In addition he has choreographed for  productions at Arkansas Public Theater and serves as choreographer and movement director for the new immersive show “Nocturnes”.  This spring Zachary will have the pleasure to work in collaboration with the Yale School of Drama to create a dance theater curriculum.

Elizabeth bio picture

Elizabeth Monsoon

Elizabeth Monsoor is a native of Folsom, California, where she began her dance training at the Hawkins School of Performing Arts and Northern California Dance Conservatory. She is a 2015 graduate of Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA where she earned her BFA in Dance. She has performed with Faunix Experimental Arts, AJnC Dance Theater, SynthesisDANCE, and has been privileged to perform the work of Sidra Bell, Jose Limon, and Barak Marshall. She was part of the faculty at the Academy of Music & Dance in Seattle for two years and is thrilled to join the Fancy Feet team!

Nicollette bio picture.

Nicolette Lucariello

Nicolette Lucariello is a twenty four year old dance Instructor/Choreographer. She began dancing at the young age of four years old. She started to compete in all genres at age five where she continued competition until nineteen years of age. During the course of her competitive years, she also attended numerous dance workshops and conventions such as NYCDA, JUMP, Tremaine, and more. Nicolette attended Talent Unlimited High School for the Performing Arts as a dance major where she continued to strengthen her training in modern and ballet. Nicolette was taught by Instructors from the Martha Graham Dance Company, along with Wilhelmina Frankfurt, a professional ballerina from George Balanchine’s Ballet company. After a short while, under observation, Nicolette was placed in Wilhelmina’s Frankfurt’s advanced placement class, which led her to graduate with an advanced designation through the arts diploma. 

After Nicolette graduated high school and finished her final year competing, she attended Broadway Dance Center’s Professional Semester. This program gave Nicolette the opportunity to train with professional dance Instructor/Choreographers from around the world. 

Some of Nicolette’s main goals for her students, aside from training them to be technical dancers, is to teach them the importance of self worth and value. 

Nicolette hopes by sharing her passion for dance, she will create confident, well disciplined dancers.

Evy bio picture

Evy Vaughn

Evy Vaughan is a dancer, singer, actress, choreographer, and teacher originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Evy received her training at Pace University in New York City, graduating from the Pforzheimer Honors College summa cum laude with her BFA in Commercial Dance and a minor in Biology. Evy has worked with acclaimed choreographers including Rhonda Miller, Dee Caspary, Lauren Gaul, Al Blackstone, Sean McKnight, Karida Griffith, Scott Jovovich, and Leyla Boissonnade, to name a few. In addition to performing, Evy choreographs for plays, musicals, dance theatre, and various dance projects. Evy is so excited to be teaching combo classes, ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, and gymnastics at Fancy Feet this year! Her classes are well structured and primarily based in technique. Your child will a ton of fun with Miss Evy, all the while improving in technical and stylistic ability. See you in class!

Liza Marie Levy

Originally from Harleysville, PA, Liza Marie has been a part of the gymnastics and dance community since the age of three. Liza was a competitive gymnast and trained until she was a level nine gymnast. She has also been trained in all styles of dance such as jazz, tap, ballet, modern, contemporary, and hip-hop. In 2018, Liza graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Dance from DeSales University. While there, she worked with choreographers such as Sean Sullivan, Colby Damon, Angela Sigley Grossman, Er-Dong Hu, Julia Mayo, and Trinette Singleton. She has also had the privilege of performing in a reconstruction of José Limón’s Concerto Grosso. Since moving to the city she has performed with BalaSole Dance Company, eSKay Arts Collective, and Muniz and Makers Dance Company. Liza is currently working as the Administrative Assistant for Mari Meade Dance Collective/MMDC and dancing with DoubleTake Dance and eSKay Arts Collective. She is excited to be joining the Fancy Feet team and looking forward to the year.

Dava Huesca

In 2015 Dava graduated Salutatorian of the Dance Department  and won the “Desire Keras Dancer from the Heart” award. While in high school, Dava was apart of the Peridance Youth Ensemble where she was given opportunities to work with distinguished choreographers such as: Manuel Vignoulle, The Limon company, Sidra Bell, Stefanie lBatten Bland, Igal Perry, etc. Following high school, Dava graduated Magna Cum Laude from SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance in 2019. At SUNY Purchase she performed works by Rena Butler, Hannah Gardner, and Sidra Bell. Additionally, Dava has performed works abroad. In 2017, she worked with Maxine Doyle in Berlin, Germany, performing “Bric Brac a Baby” at Dock 11. Summer of 2018 and 2019, she was accepted into Springboard Danse Montreal and performed works by VIM VIGOR, MAZE dance company, Johannes Weiland, and Vanessa Goodman.  Her last semester in college Dava was invited to perform works by Stacyee Pearl Dance Project in Pittsburgh. Today Dava is an apprentice with the New York City based dance company
VIM VIGOR.  She has a passion for all styles of dance and loves sharing her passion with her students.

Mervin “Acharo” Smith

Mervin Acharo Smith, fondly known as Acharo, has been training, performance, teaching, choreography and ministry for the last 20 years. He began at age 18 with his local dance church troupe (Anointed Jubilee; 96’) in Nassau, Bahamas. A year later (97’), his formal training began at Virtue Dance Academy (VIDA) under the artistic direction of Marilyn T. Deveaux. At VIDA, his technical and artistic skillset began to shine garnering him major roles in the school’s annual production – The Seed of The Woman (98’-99’) and Beauty and The King (99’-2000). In 2000, he along with the VIDA’s performance troupe, visited New York for a 5 Day Dance Tour; it was then that Acharo knew that dance would be the purpose-catalyst for his life. He furthered his training at Eurythmics Dance Studios (Bahamas) under the direction of Lawrence and Gabriella Carroll. This awarded him his first professional dance job in a cabaret show – Magical Voyage. 2001, he returned to New York to study at The Ailey School (Independent Study Program) for a semester; then he returned to Nassau in 2002 and began teaching at his local dance school and while developing other dance works within his community. He choreographed, directed and produced the first of many productions under the theme “My Tribute” (2001); a dedication performance to God for unveiling to him the gift of dance. 2004-2005, he returned to The Ailey School to participate in yet another Independent Study Program to refresh and advance his skills. Upon completion, he returned to The Bahamas and founded and artistically directed– West Wing Dance Conservatory (WWDC). He began to cultivate gifted and talented dancers across the island. Under the school’s umbrella, Community Dance and Arts- In-Education programs were established. The
school gain national prominence when he entered them in the country’s prestige National Arts Festival where the school won an extraordinary seven 1st place awards within the seven categories that it registered for. The school also captured the coveted Most Outstanding Dance School as well as The Hubert Farrington Choreographer of Excellence Award for 2008 for this achievement. In 2005, Acharo went on to establish a performance company– Bahamian Dance Theatre Company (BDTC). BDTC, like WWDC, began to rise to national prominence. With little resources and heart, Acharo was able to round up a troupe of the country’s finest dance artist, producing nine concert seasons spanning from 2009 to 2012, coveting another immaculate victory with the National Arts Festival (Twelve 1st and Two 2nd place awards from 14 entries; The Most Outstanding Dance Company of The Bahamas 2010). In 2012, Smith dissolved his work in Nassau and moved to New York. He returned to further is education at a collegiate level and gain even greater depth as a dance artist and industrialist. He enrolled in Lehman College since 2012 as dance major, while garnering work with local dance schools and companies. Since his arrival, he’s coveted three City Counsel Citations for his work in the arts, local school awards for his teaching and leadership roles displayed as well as taking on lead roles in company’s seasonal/annual performances. Adding to his repertoire, he has developed a dance series called MAD: Movers & Dancers (Bronx); Co-Found & Direct- Expansion Series (Brooklyn), Kingdom Institute of Dance & Ministry and presently, Acharo Smith’s Repertoire Dance Initiative. His programs are inspired to cater to the physical, artistic and mental development of dancers young and seasoned –novice and professional; as well as provide access to the arts, while mentoring the minds of the participants. Acharo is a former member and contributing choreographer of Dance Ministry Institute (DMI) under the artistic director of Robert Evans and a seasonal performer with PurElements: An Evolution in Dance. He’s also a former resident instructor and choreographer for AbunDance Academy of The Arts and Layla’s Dance; and presently The Gloria Eve School of Dance and Music. Recently, he has conducted a Winter Dance Workshop in Nassau, Bahamas. Acharo is delighted to be sharing in Fancy Feet’s fiscal and production 2020 season.

Kenneth Winfrey

Kenneth Winfrey was born and raised in the Bronx. He’s been studying dance for eight years, focusing specifically in ballet. As a senior at Marymount Manhattan College, he received the chance to work with many choreographers such as Jaqulyn Buglisi, Andrea Miller and Adam Barruch. He performed with the Michael Mao Dance Company at the Ailey CitiGroup Theater.

Under the tutelage of Daniel Catanach, world renowned ballet instructor and choreographer, he assisted many ballet classes at Gibney, Steps on Broadway, Harlem School of the Arts and Fancy Feet.