Support Your Child’s Early Development With Age-Friendly Toddler Dance Classes

Mommy and Me dance classes at Fancy Feet Dance Studio are specially designed to work with the developing motor skills of your toddler for a safe and enjoyable experience. As your little one learns and progresses through our exercises based on the fundamentals of dance and gymnastics, you will enjoy seeing their faces light up with joyful smiles as they reach developmental milestones in balance, coordination, and strength. This class is sure to be full of moments you will cherish forever!

Our toddler dance classes are a great starting point for future dancers. If your child is always bouncing along to music in the car or attempting to somersault on the carpet, you may have a budding ballerina or junior gymnast on your hands! Enrolling your toddler in the Mommy and Me dance class at Fancy Feet is an excellent way to foster a passion for dance or gymnastics at an early age without competitive pressure. It is also a positive opportunity for your little one to learn body awareness, self-confidence, and physical independence.

With locations in Allerton, Crosby, Fleetwood, and Unionport, Fancy Feet Dance Studio is an accessible option for busy moms in the Bronx and Fleetwood. Sign up today!