Watch Your Child Or Teen Blossom Through Jazz Dancing!

Outgoing and reserved students alike can find their place in a jazz dance class at Fancy Feet Dance Studio. This style is great for kids and teens looking to practice a high-energy form of dance. Students in our jazz dance classes will learn to execute turns, leaps, isolations, and specific positioning of the feet, arms, and hands in order to achieve the shapes and motions associated with classic jazz dancing. For added fun, we throw in hip-hop inspired choreography that adds even more moves to master and enjoy.

These classes will help every participant learn the basics of jazz dance and beyond thanks to high-quality guidance from our dance instructors. We train all of our instructors carefully to ensure teaching styles are consistent across all classes.

Our jazz dance classes are offered at all of our dance studio locations in Allerton, Crosby, Fleetwood, and Unionport. Sign up today!