In-Studio Fall Classes Safety Protocols

In-Studio Fall Classes Safety Protocols

What is Fancy Feet staff doing to ensure all students are safe while in their care?

  • We are following CDC guidelines.
  • Masks are mandatory for all staff, assistants and students.
  • Students’ temperatures are taken before they can enter the studio.
  • Parents will not be allowed into the studio. If a parent does need to come into the studio to purchase a uniform their temperature must be taken and they must remove their street shoes. Our staff and assistants will be there to help students change their shoes.
  • Students will not be barefoot in the studio. They will always be in dance shoes or socks. No one is allowed to wear shoes in the studio. All bags, shoes and clothing should be labeled with the students’ name.
  • We will have hand sanitizer available in the lobby for students upon entry.
  • Students will be separated 6 feet from one another in the classroom in taped off boxes.
  • We are limiting our class sizes. Class sizes are determined by the square footage of the classroom.
  • Our classes will end early to sanitize the classroom. Each class will end after 45 minutes.
  • Teachers will sanitize the gymnastics mats, equipment and ballet barres.
  • Students are not allowed to hold hands while in class.
  • Students should use the bathroom before coming to the studio. The bathroom is open however we are trying to limit the number of people in the studio at one time.

How will you obtain that each student has a negative covid test result?

  • We kindly ask that if a child or family member comes into contact with someone who has COVID-19 please self-quarantine. Unfortunately due to the circumstances of the virus we are unable to get a covid test result for each child because it can change so rapidly.

What are the protocols if a student is sick?

  • Before children are allowed to enter the studio they will have their temperature taken. If they are above 99.8 they are not allowed to enter. Students may make make-up missed classes.

    Are they allowed to make up if they are sick?

    • Yes, definitely! We understand students get sick and can make up the same class within one months time. Please call the office to schedule your make-up class.We will also offer make-up classes online.

    Are there refunds if they become sick with covid due to social activity?

    • While no one can know for sure where they contracted Covid, it’s important that our parents feel comfortable with our safety protocols before signing up for “in studio” classes. We have a release form In the parent portal where all parents must agree to the terms and conditions. Part of the terms and conditions include there is a no refund policy for registration and tuition. Dance and gymnastics are a practiced art but we don’t want you to lose your payment. That is why we offer the students to make-up missed classes either in studio or online.

    We understand not every parent will feel comfortable sending their child into a public space Fancy Feet will also have online options available. Safety has and will always be Fancy Feet’s top priority. We want all of our students and staff to be healthy, safe and make a lifetime of memories.

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