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At Fancy Feet Dance Studio in New York City, we take pride in offering a unique and exceptional dance experience to the young men and women who enroll in our studio. With our dedication to excellence and our passion for dance, we are excited to offer hip-hop dance classes for teenage and child beginners and students who already have a little bit of experience with this style.

Let us introduce you to our Boys Hip-Hop dance classes — a dynamic and energetic style of dance that will inspire and empower your children to express themselves through movement. Learn all about hip hop dance as a genre and register with Fancy Feet Dance Studio now!

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Exploring the Hip-Hop Dance Style

Hip hop dance is a vibrant and popular genre that originated in the streets of the South Bronx area of New York City. It combines elements of various dance styles, including breaking, locking, and popping, creating a dynamic and expressive form of movement. At Fancy Feet, our Boys and Co-ed Hip-Hop dance classes are designed to introduce both boys and girls to the fundamentals of this dynamic style while ensuring a fun and engaging learning environment.

Expose Your Child to Different Hip Hop Variations

Hip-hop is a dance style that is very versatile, encompassing various sub-styles and techniques that bring their own unique flavor and creativity. Breaking, also known as b-boying or b-girling, involves intricate footwork, power moves, and freezes. This is often accompanied by locking, which is characterized by sharp and exaggerated movements, with a focus on locking and unlocking the body. Popping, on the other hand, emphasizes quick muscle contractions and isolations to create a popping effect.

Help Your Child Express Himself

Our Fancy Feet hip-hop dance classes for teenage beginners allows students to explore their own creativity and discover their own style while moving to the beat. This style of dance promotes physical fitness, strength, and flexibility; through energetic movements and challenging routines, your child will improve his coordination and agility while increasing overall stamina. Hip-hop also encourages dancers to develop their creativity and individuality.


What to Expect from Fancy Feet Dance Classes

When your child joins our Boys or Co-ed Hip-Hop classes, he or she can expect an experience filled with energy, creativity, and confidence-building. Our experienced and passionate instructors, trained by our director with over forty-three years of teaching experience, will guide them through various hip-hop techniques and choreography. With consistency in our teaching methodology, your child will receive the highest level of professionalism in every class.

Join Fancy Feet Dance Studio for Hip-Hop Dance Classes

Enroll your child in dance classes filled with energy, creativity, and growth opportunities. Introduce your son to the rewarding and inspiring nature of hip hop and watch them shine on the dance floor with the help of Fancy Feet Dance Studio instructors. View our location schedules now and we hope to see you soon!

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