Spring Schedule – Allerton

Spring Schedule – Allerton

Welcome to our wonderful world of Dance and Gymnastics.

Let’s spend the Spring dancing and flipping together!

Our spring classes run from February 26th to May 18th for 12 weeks

If you’ve got a kid that can’t stop tapping their toes to the beat, a child who can’t stop flipping or a ballerina who can’t stop leaping, we’ve got a class for everyone! We’ll introduce your child to a variety of dance styles ranging from ballet and tap to jazz/ hip-hop. Classes provide a foundation in dance technique and follow a progressive skill growth path to help develop a love of dance & performance! In every class we give your student the encouragement and direction they need to excel. At Fancy Feet we believe children learn best in a positive, happy and creative environment.

Each class is one day a week for one hour. Upon completion of the class, students will showcase their talents and the teachers will send a video home. Students will also receive a certificate to show their hard work. Students learn a lot in 12 weeks at Fancy Feet Dance Studio! Our Spring session is a great opportunity to try different classes!

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