1. They all love the kids.

    My daughter is in her 4th year at fancy feet. She had taken ballet, tap and hip hop jazz. She is now taking a contemporary dance class. The teachers are wonderful, Sherlie Tamika, Tanika and Kate. Cookie at the front is a charm and Susan the owner is great. They all love the kids. Help boost confidence in themselves and never belittle them. Love this place.…Read More

    Melanie Graham-Watson
  2. The best dance school ever.

    In my opinion the best dance school ever. My daughter is dancing like a ballerina. The best instructors. I would recommend this to everyone to sign up their kids...…Read More

    Jenny Thorpe
  3. My child loves to be 24/7.

    Fancy Feet is a place where my child loves to be 24/7.....!!!!…Read More

    Saika Beltran
  4. My daughter enjoys it.

    Love it. My daughter enjoys interacting with children her age and has fun doing it!…Read More

    Veronica Rios
  5. Love it.

    Love it my daughter Katherine looks forward to her dance classes.…Read More

    Denise Millan
  6. Amazing!

    Couldn't be any more satisfied with this dance studio! Ms. Karen, Ms. Cookie and Ms. Susan are amazing! They have earned my loyalty, my daughter will be staying in this dance studio for years to come. Congratulations to Robin (company dancer & Ms. Karens assistant) who did here thing in the Crosby show. You rocked!…Read More

    Stephanie Soto
  7. I love Fancy Feet.

    I love Fancy Feet and so does my daughter!…Read More

    Luisa Calix
  8. I loved everyday there.

    I used to dance here when I was a kid and I loved everyday there...thanks to Karen for always teaching us "never say you can't". :)…Read More

    Natalie Aquino
  9. The best experience for me.

    I think that Fancy Feet Dance Studio was the best experience for me.…Read More

    Jasmin Gonzalez