Excellent beyond words.

After almost 12 years at fancy feet, it is truly heartbreaking that in 2 months my daughter will be dancing for the last time at her recitals for Fancy Feet. Everything may not have been perfect all the time and sometimes frustrating, but nothing in life is perfect and it was sooooo worth it. No regrets.My daughter not only made wonderful friends, she, no we, gained a great family. She has sweated and worked so hard in class and rehearsals to compete and place well and represent her dance school. We have traveled together with Fancy Feet and seen our children perform at places we have been invited to and we had a blast.

The staff and teachers are excellent beyond words. They truly care for our kids. They are committed to bring out the best in our children. It has been an HONOR to see our children grow up together.

Proud to be a part of FANCY FEET FIERCE FAMILY.

Lisette Alemany