Welcome to our wonderful world of Dance and Gymnastics.

We are so excited to announce we are offering both hybrid and online-only classes in addition to our in-studio classes. We will be using a password protected Zoom link that will be available through the parent portal and it will be the same link used each week for your convenience. 

Here at Fancy Feet we take every safety precaution to ensure all of our students and staff are safe while at the studio and we understand due to many variables some parents are not comfortable with in-studio classes. We want to provide quality dance and gymnastics instruction to all of our families. This year in order to provide for all of our students we will be holding hybrid dance classes (for some classes) with students who are in the studio and at home. The teachers will have the camera set up so they can see their Zoom students who are at home and their in studio students. This will give students at home the feeling of being involved in a classroom setting with their peers and a dedicated dance teacher. We are so excited to be back in the studio and we can’t wait to see you on Zoom!

Hybrid classes will have HYBRID in the name of the class and ONLINE ONLY for online only classes. Selecting a hybrid class will secure a spot for your child in the Zoom portion of the class. Please select a studio to see our offerings of our HYBRID classes.