Mommy & Me (18 months-2 years)

Mommy & Me (18 months-2 years)

Do You Have A Toddler Who Loves To Dance?

Step into a world of fun, laughter, and learning with our Mommy and Me Dance Class, specially designed for children aged 18 months to 2 years old. This delightful class is the perfect blend of play and education, where your little one will not only have a blast but also reach essential developmental milestones. Those special smiles, hugs, and giggles between you and your toddler will be cherished forever.

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Beyond Just Dancing: Developing Key Skills

At its core, our Mommy & Me class isn't solely about teaching your toddler dance moves. This class is a blend of dance and gymnastics fundamentals, designed specifically for your little one’s developmental stage. Our classes incorporate engaging coordination skills and rhythm exercises that capture the imagination of your child. Watch as they giggle with joy, twirl with excitement, and stomp their little feet to the beat! Each session is a magical adventure that fosters both physical and cognitive growth, helping your child develop balance, coordination, and a love for music and movement.

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Strengthens Social Development

Social activity is an important part of dancing, and it will give your child a greater sense of trust and communication skills. Whether through sing-a-longs, teacher instruction or even just observing how other parents and babies interact, your child will pick up new vocabulary, learn important social cues, and begin to understand how to follow directions. Through enjoying a new activity together, you and your child will learn how to better communicate with each other and build a special bond.

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Promotes Healthy Physical Exercise

In Mommy and Me, babies and toddlers strengthen their developing muscles, making crawling and walking easier. This helps them realize at a very young age that exercise is important for healthy development. These classes also help parents stay active, too!

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Parents Make Connections With Other Parents

Participating in Mommy and Me classes allows parents to meet other parents. It allows you to learn from others as well as make new friends and create a support system.

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Your Kids Will Shine At Fancy Feet!

Each year in June Fancy Feet has an amazing show which showcases your child and all of the new skills they have learned throughout the year! Students get to perform on stage in our annual end-of-year Fancy Feet Dance and Gymnastics Extravaganza!

Join Us for a Mommy & Me Class and Be a Part of Our Fancy Feet Family!

In a world full of dance studios, Fancy Feet stands out because we offer more than just dance classes — we offer a family. Our mission is to develop talent at every level, providing a caring, family environment where everyone is free to express themselves. We're not just a kids dance studio — we're a community where your child can grow in more ways than one. Register today for our Mommy & Me class and let’s create those irreplaceable memories together!

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