Let Your Child Explore Their Mind and World Through Music and Movement

Creative movement is becoming increasingly recognized as a key tool for childhood development. You have likely noticed that your child expressed themselves through motion even in infancy, from clapping and bouncing to kicking and swaying — especially in the presence of music. In our Creative Movement dance classes, your child will use props and physical movement to express ideas, feelings, and imagery. For example, we may guide your child to sway their arms and upper bodies to express the concept of wind, or to rock a teddy bear in their arms as an example of being gentle with a baby or small animal. These exercises will help your child make connections to real world situations.

Creative Movement is also a wonderful way to introduce your little one to more advanced kids dance classes, such as beginner ballet or jazz. Your child will not only learn how to be aware of their own bodies, but also how to be aware of those around them. They will learn concepts such as personal space and shared space by circling up for synchronized movements. By simultaneously watching and doing, your child will continue to develop their ability to mimic what they see, a practice that helps promote memory, increase attention span, and refine focus.

Enroll your child in Creative Movement and other kids dance classes at our Fancy Feet locations in Allerton, Crosby, Fleetwood, and Unionport. Contact us to get started!