An area that Fancy Feet Dance Studio is happy to participate in an area of dance that keeps things exciting and lets us meet and enjoy other passionate individuals: competition. Our instructors have all had experience with competition but we are lucky enough to have our own choreographers right in-house. If you’re interested in competition, let us know and we can give you a better idea of what this part of the dance world looks like.


Just A Few Reasons To Be Part Of The Fancy Feet Competition Team:

  • Your child will learn teamwork!
  • Your child will receive motivation from your teammates and your instruction and will be a motivator in return.
  • Dance friends make the best friends.
  • Learning that dance is a process is a great life lesson!

All these elements combined will skyrocket your self-esteem and trust us, you will apply this confidence to every area of your life. Best of all… have fun!!!


National Competitions



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