An area that Fancy Feet Dance Studio is happy to participate in an area of dance that keeps things exciting and lets us meet and enjoy other passionate individuals: competition. Our instructors have all had experience with competition but we are lucky enough to have our own choreographers right in-house. If you’re interested in competition, let us know and we can give you a better idea of what this part of the dance world looks like.

National Competitions

We are PROUD to announce that your studio – Fancy Feet Dance Studio is once again National Dance Champions. Our Dance Company took the stage on Wednesday, July 19th with 7 Dances of which every one of them received OVERALL titles. An overall title means they got the highest scores for all dances in that age group. The NATIONAL winner who had the HIGHEST score for the entire COMPETITION was…

So PROUD of these dancers who work tirelessly perfecting their dances. You are a special group.

U-TURN Choreographed by our very own Andre Lee! His talent and choreography styles have won us Nationals in 2014 as well. Way to go Andre.

Congratulations to our other wonderful teachers and choreographers, Denica Durr, Danielle Lugo and Doug Shankman on an outstanding job!

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