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  1. All About Contemporary Dance

    Contemporary dance is a type of expressive dance that can include a variety of genres, such as jazz, ballet, and modern dance. This form of dance emerged in the mid-1990s and quickly gained popularity…Read More

  2. An Introduction To Jazz Dance

    Jazz music is everywhere. From popular television shows to hit movies and commercials, jazz is all around us. But what is jazz dance? Before the 1950s, the term “jazz dance” was used to speak to a…Read More

  3. Parts of Your Body Dance Challenges

    Getting a good workout is a challenge, without a doubt. So when you find a sport that challenges more than one part of your body, it’s hard to not appreciate the efforts of the sport and of your bod…Read More

  4. Getting Familiar With Parts of the Studio

    The dance studio will become a safe space for people who develop a passion for dance. It’s something that the team that works here have all experienced, and it’s something that we hope to provide …Read More

  5. Different Types of Dance to Learn

    When you visit the schedule of classes that we offer at Fancy Feet Dance Studio, it can definitely be overwhelming when you have to finally decide on what type of dance you’d like your child to lear…Read More