Welcome to Fancy Feet Dance Studio! We’ve been providing children and adult dance classes to New York residents for 37 years and we offer a caring, family environment where you can feel comfortable expressing yourself through movement. On this page, you’ll find articles that discuss the various styles of dance we offer including tap dance, jazz and hip hop, gymnastics, ballet, tap dance, and more. We’ll also talk about the many benefits of enrolling your child in a dance class, as it can build confidence, improve flexibility, and so much more. You can learn more about our dance classes online, and if you have any questions, contact our friendly team today.

  1. Why Choose A Summer Dance Camp?

    Summer dance camps can be the best place to send your little ones because there are so many benefits. If you’re looking for somewhere to send your child over the hot summer months to keep them enter…Read More

  2. The Benefits Of Dance For Kids

    Dancing isn’t just fun for kids, it can benefit them in a number of positive ways; from developing social skills to encouraging physical fitness, you can establish lifelong lessons for your child th…Read More

  3. The Fitness Benefits Of Tap Dancing

    Are you tired of the same old workout at the gym? Want to kick the treadmill to the curb and try something more exciting? We’ve got two words for you: tap dancing. Tap dance is a great way to get in…Read More

  4. The Top Tap Dance Tips For Beginners

    An experienced tap dancer can make even the most complex moves look effortless. Tap dance is a fun and rhythmic expression of dance that uses the feet to create sounds and music. The history of tap da…Read More

  5. Happy dance students at Fancy Feet Dance Studio

    Welcome to Fancy Feet Dance Studio

    Welcome to the blog space for Fancy Feet Dance Studio! We are so excited that you’ve found your way to our blog and hope that you can continue to learn and grow your passion for dance with the help …Read More