If you’re thinking about enrolling your son or daughter in gymnastics classes, we highly encourage you to do so. There are many reasons why parents choose to sign their child up for a gymnastics class. From health benefits to social interaction, your child can get a lot out of a weekly dance lesson.

At Fancy Feet Dance Studio, we’re proud to be a leading provider of children’s dance classes in New York. Whether you’re interested in signing your child up for a creative movement class, tap dance class, or contemporary dance class, we offer an array of classes that your child is sure to love.

If you’re still on the fence about signing your little one up for a gymnastics class at our studio, consider the benefits below.

You Can Start Them Young

Did you know that gymnastics is one of the only physical activities your child can begin when he or she learns to walk? Unlike other sporting activities where your little one is required to be a certain age such as soccer, basketball, and baseball, gymnastics is one of the earliest organized activities that a young toddler can participate in.

Emotional Perks

A children’s gymnastics class will challenge your child physically and emotionally. Your kid will learn how to manage his or her fear as they attempt to perform his or her very first cartwheel or swing on an elevated bar. Your child will learn what focus and visualization can do, helping them gain confidence in a safe and experimental environment.

It’s Incredibly Fun!

One of the biggest reasons you should enroll your child in gymnastics is it’s fun! During a regular gymnastics class, your child will have the opportunity to run, swing, jump, and tumble, expelling all of the energy he or she wants. If you’ve started to notice your little one jumping off furniture and exploring the house as if it were an American Ninja Warrior competition, gymnastics may be a wonderful fit for them.

Encourage Work Ethic

Like most sports, gymnastics can be very challenging. Your little one will not learn how to do a cartwheel on his or her first try. Nothing will be handed to them. Each skill your child will learn will come from his or her effort, hard work, and dedication. Your child will start to understand the correlation between hard work and results, and in our opinion, there’s nothing more important to teach a child. This will encourage work ethic in your son or daughter at a young age, which is an invaluable skill to have in life.

Learning To Follow Directions

If you’re having a hard time getting your toddler to listen to you, consider signing them up for a children’s gymnastics class. Your little one’s gymnastics teacher will show him or her how to follow multi-step directions as he or she navigates his or her way through different obstacles on the course. He or she will also be educated on the importance of safety in the studio or gym.

Physical Benefits

It’s no secret that children across the United States are becoming more and more at risk for obesity. While you may not dream of your son or daughter growing up to become a gold-medalist in the Olympics, introducing them to an active lifestyle at an early age will only help them later on in life.

A kid’s gymnastics class is the perfect way to get your little one into physical activities and sports at a young age. During a gymnastics class, your child will learn about strength, agility, balance, and flexibility as they tumble on soft mats and balance on balancing-beams. Not only are these activities extremely fun and entertaining, they are physically challenging as well. Your little one will learn that his or her body can do much more than the mind thinks. Help your child build lifelong confidence by signing him or her up for a gymnastics class at Fancy Feet Dance Studio.

Social Skills

No matter what age your child is, it is extremely important to encourage social interaction from the get-go. Gymnastics classes provide children with an opportunity to develop social skills at a very young age. Your little one will learn how to stand in line and wait his or her turn. They’ll be taught to listen while others are talking, and to be respectful of their peers and the other children in the class.

Overcoming Fears

Most gymnastics studios have props and platforms that may appear scary to young children (and even adults). At Fancy Feet Studio, we’ve noticed that a lot of this fear comes from the hesitation of trying something new. During our children’s gymnastics classes, we encourage young children to try things they have never done before. We’ll work with your child to build up the confidence to try new movements and obstacles, which will teach him or her to overcome things he or she once thought impossible.

Fancy Feet Dance Studio in New York

If you live in the Bronx or Fleetwood area and you’re interested in enrolling your child in a gymnastics class, Fancy Feet Studio has just the class for your son or daughter. We also offer an array of other dance classes for young children including jazz and hip hop, creative movement, and contemporary dance classes. No matter what your child’s age and experience level, we can help you find a dance class for him or her. To learn more about our dance classes and schedules, click on each dance studio location below.